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Henry Schulte

Shut Up!

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You ever wonder why you always see bumper stickers for liberal candidates and their causes but very few for conservative candidates and issues? Most conservatives know the answer and it’s remarkable that the answer is universal. You could be in Kentucky or Oregon and everyone says the same thing, they don’t want to get their car keyed or damaged.

Now isn’t that a sad state of affairs? And it once again points out what I’ve been writing about. Liberal opinions are blessed. They can say and do as they please without reproach, but conservatives know their views can and will be viscously attacked including damage to ones property.

In unwritten terms it’s censorship. I even have friends telling me that using my name on this site is dangerous and that I’m sticking my neck out. Why is that? Why can one point of view trump another? Does the conservative outlook have less importance? I may not agree with the liberal mindset but I have very liberal friends and I listen to what they have to say. However, many times the reverse is not true. And this attitude is nationwide.

When I come upon a car with an Obama bumper sticker I give it a casual glance and may have some empathy for its driver (meant as humor). However, with my NoObama sticker or All I Left Is Change bumper sticker on my car I have been cut off, flipped offed and honked at. Wonderful.

It’s this continuous imbalance that creates the riff conservatives have toward liberals. The liberals have the media, Hollywood and the Internet on their side. We have talk radio and they’re trying everything to shut that up too. Fairness Doctrine! What a crock? Fair for who?


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    I think it’s enraging and absurd for anyone– liberals and conservatives– to try to silence the opposing point of view simply on the basis of that person expressing a different point of view.

    And if someone cuts you off while driving just because of your bumper sticker, it’s not only enraging, it’s dangerous and illegal.
    But I would strongly caution against you believing your personal experience represents other people’s experiences across the rest of the country.

    You have to look at your own experience as simply that– anecdotal. You live in a very liberal state. You’re also surrounded by douchebags who claim to be liberal tree huggers while driving their gas guzzling SUVs and burning up electricity in their 7000 square foot mansion. I have no love lost for any of them.

    But I can also assure you that my family has experienced the same kind of censorship in different areas of the country– and it wasn’t because they were expressing conservative ideas.

    My aunt and uncle (two liberal atheists who moved from the North East to Colorado) dealt with far more than people cutting them off for their political views.

    Their Gore and Kerry bumper stickers were not only covered with Bush stickers on an almost daily schedule, their car windows were shot out one night after they defiantly replaced the stickers.

    The police refused to investigate. My uncle, who was raised Jewish, was told that “his kind” should probably think twice about staying in town.
    Two of my cousins live in Ames, Iowa and have found bullets in their mail box because she was a high school science teacher and had advocated continuing to teach evolution in her biology class.

    Ultimately, she was fired and they were forced to move towns because they were tired of finding their tires slashed in their driveway.

    Now, her husband is a janitor and she’s a receptionist at a dentist’s office.
    This happened not because they broke the law and not because they did anything morally wrong…except express their liberal opinion in an area that didn’t agree with them.

    (One could argue that it wasn’t a “liberal” opinion but a “common sense” opinion, since evolution is a scientifically observable, tested theory that has been accepted by the educated community for at least half a century– if not longer).

    Even my brother has experienced censorship on his stand up comedy tours. He’s experienced it from both sides, depending on where he is in the country.

    When he performs in San Francisco, he says that no one laughs at his material because they think it’s mean and brutish. The only things they DO laugh at is when the other SF based comedians go up and do hacky anti-GOP material. (He’s also quick to point out that those comics NEVER get work OUTSIDE of SF, because they’re terrible and unfunny). He’s usually not asked back to these Bay Area clubs based solely on his material (material they alone deem “offensive”).

    He also hates performing in the South. For instance, when he played in Alabama, the MC introduced him as a “New York comedian.”
    As he took the stage, the crowd started calling him a “damn Jew.”
    His last name is Irish.

    As he said, “Not only is that wrong…but it’s WRONG! How stupid are you?”
    They ended up throwing bottles at him just because he was from the North. (Which ultimately led to a great routine he does where he points out that he doesn’t like being called a “Yankee.” As he says, he was born in the north. He was raised in the north. We don’t like being called “Yankee.” We like to be called “Winner.”)

    The one common thread I would point out is while the liberals were certainly annoying, deluded and hypocritical, the conservative censorship was aggressive, violent, and at times illegal.

    Does that mean all conservatives are racist? Xenophobic? Violent? Potential murders?

    Not at all. That’s just my family’s anecdotal experience. You and I can have a discussion and disagree and still like and respect each other. That’s a good thing.

    But regardless, I would just urge you to remember that you live in a hive of self-important liberals. Therefore, your perspective will be skewed by your personal experience. As a result, you’ll think the entire country thinks like the jerkoffs who try to silence you for your differing opinions.

    But I sincerely doubt that if you stopped to think about it that you honestly believe that “this attitude is nationwide.”

    Places like Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama are definitely not breeding grounds for liberal idealism that silence conservative thought. I don’t think even FoxNews would argue that point. And if they did, I’d really, really like to see their facts.

    Ask my cousins. Ask my aunt and uncle. Trust me, they feel like they’re surrounded by the enemy in those states (just like you do in this one).
    And they’ve had to deal with a helluva lot more than someone cutting them off on the freeway.

    This is not a liberal country. This is not a conservative country. This is a country that is (unfortunately) divided by diametrically opposed points of view– politically, racially, sexually, ideologically, religiously.

    Depending on where you live, what you watch, who you talk to, you’ll think you’re either surrounded by the enemy (as in your case and my family’s case) or that you’re protecting yourself from a dangerous fringe group (as the people of Alabama certainly felt when dealing with my brother).

    Living in Santa Barbara, you’re sleeping with your “enemy.” [Which, I suppose is the price you pay for living in paradise! ]
    But my hope is one day soon, people on both sides will stop thinking of the other as “enemies” and start thinking of them as “Americans with different points of views.”

    I read this site (and challenge your POVs) because I think re-establishing dialogue is important. I think respecting (and listening) to the other side is important. And I think learning how to live peacefully with people of other points of view isn’t just important, it makes us smarter, better and more enlightened.