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Henry Schulte

Will it ever end?

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A woman with two boobsThe mental instability of the whacky left continues to amaze me. Without Bush to beat up on anymore they continue to focus their energies on a VP candidate who lost. Since when does anyone care so much about a candidate in the second position? I’ll tell you why. Because they’re afraid of her. They can demonize her TV interviews, destroy her family and children, insult her Down syndrome baby but the libs will not let up fearing her star power could awaken the conservative majority of this country. They recognize that Sarah Palin is the catalyst that can unite conservatives. Conservatives don’t have anyone right now who stands out other than Sarah Palin. She’s a mother, a woman with values, intelligent (yes intelligent) and who takes a stand against the nut cases on all sides of the political spectrum.

I keep repeating myself, but never in my lifetime have I seen someone so fiercely attacked for doing absolutely nothing. Jesse Jackson does some young woman, has a child out of wedlock and continues the stereo type of a black man by ditching the woman and he gets a week of press. John Edwards is sneaking around hotels in the middle of the night holding his bastard child and he gets a week of press. Bill Clinton does a young girl in the White House and he still gets hundreds of thousands of dollars at speaking engagements telling everyone what a wonderful guy he is. What a freakin’ double standard.

We’ll have to wait and see if Sarah has anything up her sleeve or not. I hope to hell she does and comes out blazing to bring down this absolutely insane administration. Our president can talk “awful pretty” but he hasn’t a clue what he’s doing other than taking our country down a road of destruction. Never has the hot air blown so hard from the Oval office and people actually believe there is substance behind it. This administration is more secretive, slippery and “back room” cunning than their friends in the Kremlin. Where’s the openness we were promised?

If Sarah does fade into the shadows I hope she does so in peace. However, this will leave the left running in circles like wild dogs frothing at the mouth trying to find someone else to bite chunks out of. Their desperation to find targets to destroy and unleash their anger is an illness.

With control of the entire country, the left still doesn’t have the juevos to admit they’re screwing it up. And that position is exactly what defines a liberal. Always pointing the finger and never taking responsibility. It’s always someone else’s fault.