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Henry Schulte

Power to the People

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All this universal health care hoopla isnít about the fictitious 47 million uninsured, itís about power. Always has been. And that reality is becoming more and more evident as this grab for more supremacy is tearing America apart.

Average people who are concerned about their health care are being called Naziís and right wing extremists. And, the administration is using scare tactics to shut them up. Once again, so much for change we can believe in. Itís a Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue.

And if you really want to have bad dreams, read Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin. I canít even begin to reference all the facts heís put into that book that will scare the bejesus out of anyone with a dollop of common sense.
Iíve never been much of a history buff, but itís downright eerie to read what Roosevelt did after the Great Depression and what Obama is doing now. Only this time itís on a much larger scale and Nero may rise from the grave to play the fiddle again when this party is over.

At this point all I can say is how once again the liberals are all for free speech as long as itís them doing the talking. But when real Americans; not organized hippies or left-wing nut cases who throw pies or get naked or toss fake blood, I mean real people who are scared to death, almost literally, speak up, they too are now being demonized by the purveyors of ďdo as I say not as I do.Ē These are the very same people who ruined an Alaskan governorís life for just being a good person. Good going.