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Henry Schulte

Santa Barbara News Press, April 13, 2009

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This was in response to a woman痴 Letter to the Editor.

I知 tired of the Democrat痴 herd mentality running this country into the ground. I知 tired of their whining, I知 tired of their inability to allow free speech, I知 tired of their vindictive anger, I知 tired of their sky-is-falling mentality, I知 tired of their anti-American behavior, I知 tired of using abortion as a form of birth control, I知 tired of them trying to take away our freedoms, I知 tired of them using made-up endangered species to dictate policy, I知 tired of them using a 田limate change as a tool to make money for special interest groups, I知 tired of their anti-military mind-set, I知 tired of them making apologies for Americans, I知 tired of them accusing us of torture while we watch our men get their heads cut off, I知 tired of listening to them complain about Republicans but try to shut us up, I知 tired of our media being controlled and run by them, I知 tired of their love for their president who condemns his own country and in less than three months has created more debt than our brains can visualize and I知 so darn tired of them blaming George Bush for everything.

And I知 really, really exhausted of getting taxed to death. We 敵olden State residents are first-hand witness to what a liberal legislature has done to destroy California. We are now seeing how this translates to the rest of America. We are in such big trouble and I知 tired of the Democrat痴 not taking responsibility.