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Henry Schulte

Yesterday…All my troubles seemed so…

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I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day about the way things used to be. I know, I know, the older we get the more we reminisce, but it’s more than that. There was a time when the word “family” meant something in America. The entire family would sit together at dinner, you would talk about your day, you would be a cohesive unit. After dinner you would all sit together in living room and watch shows like Leave it Beaver or Father Knows Best. These shows were like watching your own family on TV. There were issues and problems to deal with but nothing that couldn’t be solved as a family. You would spend weekends at a park, lake or beach. You would enjoy a picnic together. Looking back it doesn’t seem real. My mind visualizes that era more as a movie than what life actually used be like.

Compare that with today. First of all, you never get the family together at dinner. The TV screen is filled with stuff I would have gone gaga over as a kid. Cell phones and computers keep us glued to one another and connected to so many things most people are rarely even aware that the sun was out that day. The streets are filled with violence beyond our imagination and we’ve become hardened to it. A murder here a murder there is just another story in the paper or on the news, or more-than-likely on your Blackberry or Lap Top. Abortion is rampant, no one needs to take responsibility for their actions, pedophiles, gangs, drug dealers, and terrorists roam this great land with impunity.

And should you even suggest that life go back to its simpler time, it would be considered prudish, nerdy and I’m sure a few generations below me have a bunch of other words and phrases I have no clue about.

It’s too bad. The term “slippery slope” has been overused and has become cliché but it does sum up what’s happened to us. One little thing has led to another and most of it is sliding in the wrong direction. The term Progressive is also used for those who want to take this country down that water slide. Well we’re sliding and it appears we won’t be able to stop. There are many of us who want to hang on to the old ideals; the ones that made this land the greatest country on Earth. But we’re having a hell of a time. We need to hang tough and become a family again.