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Henry Schulte

Truth, Justice and the American Way

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Un-freaking believable! We’ve now reached another liberal low when stating your opinion qualifies for public crucifixion.

It was horrific to watch how Sarah Palin, a woman who worked herself up to become the governor of a state while raising a family was destroyed because she was a threat and didn’t fit with the liberal agenda. She received zilch of backup from any women’s movement, nothing because all the women organizations are liberal and only protect their kind. And the immediate and enormous popularity of Sarah Palin was too much to bear. “God” forbid this conservative woman was to ever reach the White House. She would bring with her too much common sense and undermine everything the liberals are trying to destroy.

I got a little side-tracked there but on a smaller scale but equally as important topic, the left is doing the same thing to Miss California that they did to Palin. A liberal, gay man with a personal agenda asks a question he knows is loaded and already anticipates the answer. This 21-year-old woman gives her opinion and now she too is being vilified because it isn’t the answer the libs wanted to hear. Well, actually it is what they wanted to hear because it provided the ammunition they were looking for to create this firestorm. We are now a country where only the left can give their opinion and if yours is contrary you’ll be publicly lynched and left out to dry into jerky. Again the utter silence from any women’s groups is deafening.

A false accusation against John Mcain about having an affair was front page news all over the country. But when John Edwards, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton actually were and are guilty of serious indiscretion, they are given a pass.

Carrie Prejean was set up but it isn’t the answer she provided that’s at issue here. It’s how the liberals and the press ran with it. And once again it’s the utter hypocrisy. Because we are rapidly becoming a one party system and the media is in the tank with the new administration, the left has become absolutely giddy with power comfortable that they can do and say as they please.

Five appointments of the Obama administration had income tax violations and these infractions were quickly swept away. Had it been you or I, you can guess what would have happened. Governor Richardson of New Mexico is under investigation and you can guess what will happen to him as well. Hypocrites.

And this administration is working with Iran, turning on Israel, demonizing the vets, protecting pedophiles, and it’s still only three months since we were first held hostage. It’s becoming a horror novel.

We conservatives better get our s*#t together.