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Henry Schulte

The Hypocrisy Won’t Quit

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As I’m writing this I’m listening to Michael Steele chairman of the RNC make the comparison of Obama’s popularity with that of American Idol. The country voted and many still adore a man who has plunged us into the deepest debt America and in fact the entire world has ever known. We taxpayers now own auto manufacturers, banks and soon our health care system. And Michael Steele listed dozens upon dozens of even more dangerous changes Obama’s administration has put us in. This is not a game and certainly shouldn’t be a popularity contest.

I find it absolutely remarkable how easily people are swayed and swooned by words and have no interest or care if those words contain substance. For example: When Obama spoke at Notre Dame he said we need to stop demonizing people (remember Sarah Palin, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Jesus Christ) and we need to allow everyone to express their opinions and have open dialogue (Miss California, Ann Coulter, the Priests who were arrested protesting his appearance).

When the Minute Men decided enough was enough and wanted to do something about the massive illegal immigration we’re facing, and the enormous tax hit it’s placing on all Americans they were strategically flogged for being racists and mercenaries. When the people rose up against the insane tax increases being imposed they were labeled as rednecks and Fox viewers. When the protestors of Notre Dame marched to voice their opposition of Obama because of his callous views on the murders of unborn children, they were arrested.

But when war protestors marched and called Bush, the president of the United States, a war monger, a murderer, stupid and even worse, that was okay. They were entitled to their opinions and their flagrant hatred of the land that allows them that freedom. When a likeness of Sarah Palin was burned it was allowed to “hang” for days and Hollywood thought it was funny. But if a likeness of Michele Obama were burned it would have been followed by a nuclear media explosion.

I don’t care what anyone does or feels but I do give one big heck of a damn when one side can do and say as they please while the other is expected to keep its mouth shut. Screw that! Michael’s Steele’s speech laid it all out and will probably get about zero coverage for telling it like it is. But when a bone-head like our vice-president Biden (it’s tough having to make that connection and I sounded like a liberal because I called him a name) opens his mouth and dim-witted stuff flows out, its all spun off to the media grave yard where it’s quickly buried.

I can’t get over how we’re being snowed and how people are buying it. The campaigning is over but this administration doesn’t know the difference and neither does half this country. The inmates are truly running this asylum.