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  • Our Nation Under Attack

    After the hit on 9/11, the attack had been equated to the attack on Pearl Harbor. In both instances the nation rose up and fought back. Fought back much harder than our enemies had given us credit for. In fact in all of history, America has proven over and over again what a bonded and powerful nation we are, not only in military strength but in the strength of our will.

    On that fateful day in September I remember watching those towers fall and it didnít register in my brain. It could not possibly be true that some crazy bastards actually flew our own planes into our own buildings. That the buildings actually collapsed and along with it thousands of people crumbled to their deaths. It was unfathomable.

    I also remember thinking the days which followed the unity it brought the country was going to be short lived. I donít consider myself a negative person but within days I could see the left attempting to use the catastrophe to their advantage. And soon an all out assault against conservatism was launched and hasnít stopped since. It still amazes me the mental midgets of this country who think it was an inside job. A four-year-old knows it would be easier to flap your arms and fly away than to keep something of such a magnitude a secret.

    So where am I going with this? I think weíre about to once again face another enemy that will test our resolve as a nation. That enemy will be us. Forget the lunatic terrorists for the moment. Thereís nothing we can do to help them and fix their deranged minds. But we can do something about us.

    Things are going to get rough. Our president and his advisors are in way over their heads. Some of it granted is no fault of their own. Weíve never treaded in waters such as these where the old rules no longer apply. However, this administration has not moved forward cautiously enough and has used ideology to lead the way. A huge price is going to be paid. Americans are going to need to support each other more than ever. Neighbors will have to be helping neighbors whether they like each other or not. And it wonít be this distribution of wealth crap. We will want to help each other from our hearts and not because of a warped sense of thinking.

    Nearly every country in the world is being financially affected. And it may be time for America to close her eyes temporarily while we get our own garage cleaned up.

    I realize Iím writing in generalities and thereís a reason. Thereís no way to be specific. No one knows whatís going to happen. I sold a stock last Friday because I was sure it was going to plummet, on Monday it rose fifteen dollars. Shows you how smart I am and how much I can predict the future.
  • Creating your Art

    For the past year I've tried to develop and advance my photography skills. I think I've improved a lot in not only what my eye sees but in how to improve the photo even more in the digital dark room. There's always a lot of discussion about how pure a photo should be, but art is art, and the old adage, beauty is in the eye of the beholder applies to photographs just like any other art form. Therefore, manipulation of a photograph only allows the photographer to create his of her idea of art in how he or she sees it. Whether it be punching up the saturation a bit too much for color or completely changing the photo to look like an old picture, there's nothing wrong with either of these expressions. The important thing is to capture something you really like and share it with others. You may never make enough money to cover the cost of your equipment but then who cares, you had fun taking the pictures anyway.
  • Get out there!

    When was the last time you got up an hour before sunrise, dressed in sweats and set up your tripod waiting to capture that morning light? Pictures don't take themselves. Where ever you go you should always be scouting for locations that could be promising when the sun rises or sets. Or when storms blow in will the foreground provide a perfect magnet to draw you in to the background of mountains or desert. Your eyes and mind should never stop wondering and wandering what if. In this digital age everyone can take a picture, most of them can be very good, but not everyone can take a photograph. Composition, exposure and having the photo say something takes a little work no matter what Photoshop can do.